Three Common Dog Training Mistakes-And How To Avoid Them!

Many dog owners try to train their dog at home without the use of a professional, and this is great. We still believe that the best dog trainer for your dog is YOU...because your dog trusts you more than anyone. The problem is this: dog training is almost an exact science, and you do need some training before you can do some dog training.

Make sense?

Here are the three most common mistakes that dog owners make when trying to train their dog themselves:

The first dog training mistake we see is owners giving the heel command and snapping or tugging the dog's leash at the same time. This is a natural action for a dog owner, you are trying to get the dog to go where you want it to go. Unfortunately, it doesn't teach the dog to heel, it teaches the dog that when she hears the heel command she is going to get her collar (and neck) jerked. This only confuses the dog, as she doesn't know what she did to deserve it.

The second common dog obedience training mistake is a biggie: using the command "down" when you want a dog to get "off". This one really confuses your dog. You have to use the "off" command, because to a dog "down" means to lay down. Imagine this scenario: your dog is laying on the couch and you tell him to get down. Wait a minute, in dog world he already is down. This is why you have to use the "off" command when you want the dog to get off of something, and why your dog tries to get in your lap and lay down when you use the "down" command when he is giving you an affection attack.

The third common dog training mistake might take you by surprise, but you have probably done it, as have most anyone trying to train their dog, and that is bending over your dog's head or getting in his face when giving a command or scolding him for a bad deed, While you are looking for obedience or the correct performance of a given task, what you are going to get is a dog that will shy away, and in some cases, becomes aggressive. While you are trying to correct your dog, you are in fact intimidating her. This will make for an unhappy dog, and unhappy dogs do not want to perform for you.

Dog training is all about positive reinforcement and getting your dog to want to do the right thing. It takes time and patience, and it IS an exact science. If you need more information on dog training and performing dog obedience training correctly, please visit Dog Training Online


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