How To Stop Dog Food Aggression Or Canine Possession Aggression

Dog food aggression, or Canine Possession Aggression,is one of the more serious dog behavior problems and needs to be dealt with quickly once your dog shows the signs. Basically, your dog is trying to assert it's status as the alpha dog, and you just can't let this happen.

It doesn't make sense that your dog would consider you a threat, but you are not only threatening his food, but his alpha dog status. If your dog is growling, snarling, barking, nipping at you, or anything else that can be considered aggressive behavior, you are going to have to get a handle on it right now.

It seems really cute when your new puppy is growling over a toy or her food, but this could be the start of Canine Possession Aggression, and could lead to a case of dog food aggression.

What can you do about dog food aggression or Canine Possession Aggression?

First. let's look at the reasons your dog seems to have dog food aggression, and what he is probably thinking.

1. Your dog is confused about who the leader in the household is. Your dog thinks he is the alpha dog.

2. Food is one of the biggest pleasures in a dog's life, and dogs are basically scavengers, so your dog's instinct may be taking over and telling him that he may not get another meal for awhile.

3. You're the person who is always taking the "good stuff" away, and your dog may stop looking at you as the food provider.

Dog Food Aggression Training Techniques:

Before we go into the training techniques for dog food aggression, please remember that if you feel physically threatened by your dog, you should call a professional to at least get the process started.

Here is a list of training techniques which should help your dog overcome her dog food aggression. You can do these in any paticular order, all of them, or only one or two of them. Your goal here is to recondition your dog.

1. Stand at a distance from the dog bowl that your dog is comfortable with, then gradually reduce this distance. Toss a few treats near your dog as you slowly reduce the distance.

2. When your dog is eating, call him over to you, when he gets to you reward him, make it worth his while then let him back to the food bowl.

3. Drop a few of your dog's favorite treats into her bowl each time you walk past it. After a while of doing this your dog will welcome the sight of you approaching the bowl.

4. Hand feed your dogs. Eventually you should even be able to stick your hands into your dogs bowl while he is eating without any sign of aggression.

5. Stroke and pet your dog while he is eating and at the same time talk to him in a calming tone. All you are doing at this point is showing your dog that it is a good thing for you to be around.

6. Put your dogs bowl down empty. After the initial shock, she will be begging for you to fill it.

You should be able to kick your dog's dog food aggression problem in a short period of time if you are firm and consistent with her training.


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