Train A Dog Like The Dog Whisperer

If you are a pet owner and haven't been living under a rock for the last few years, you know who the dog whisperer is. In case you haven't seen the TV show, Cesar Millan is the dog whisperer, the ultimate dog trainer, and each week he is introduced to, and trains in just a few minutes, some of the worst behaved dogs in the world. How does he do it?

There are some who would say that his shows are staged, and of course they are to an extent. If you really pay attention to his shows, however, you will see that he DOES have this certain way with almost all dogs. Fortunately for you, this big secret of his really isn't a big secret at all. If he were here, he would probably be the first to admit it. The secret of the dog whisperer is this: he understands dog behavior, he understands a dog's absolute need for a lot of exercise, and he understands "people behavior".

The reason the dog whisperer is the ultimate dog trainer is that he understands and uses a dogs pack mentality and the basic form of dog communication: body language. This is really the basic secret to dog training, understanding that dogs communicate with body language, and they react to their human owners body language more than anything else. Most dogs will operate on instinct, and a lot of their habits are nothing more than the result of the rules of the pack. What you need to understand is that most of the "bad habits" your dog has are the result of your behavior, not becuase you just own a "bad dog". Another important point here is that, although it may seem lke it sometimes, dogs do not do things to get even with you or just to upset you! Virtually everything a dog does has its root cause in a dog's instinct or is the result of your actions or your reactions to a dog's behavior.

What all this means is that learning to train your dog is nothing more than asserting yourself as the alpha dog in the pack, and learning to communicate with your dog via body language, and understanding your dog's body language.

It sounds complicated, but like the TV show, it is really a short and fairly simple process.

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