How To Train A Dog Not To Chew Everything-Stop A Destructive Chewing Dog

In the dog world, the act of chewing seems to be a matter of individual taste. Some dogs like to chew and will chew everything they can get their little paws on, and some dogs could care less about chewing, and will only do so if they are bored to tears. If you are unlucky enough to own a dog that loves to chew, then you know that the phrase "destructive chewing" is just a tad redundant. Any chewing the dog does is going to be destructive. So, how do you stop destructive chewing?

We will get to that in a moment. First, we should tell you why dogs chew. Here are the three main reasons:

- Most dogs have a natural desire to chew. They just can't help themselves. It's fun, and in many cases, what the dog is chewing tastes good to them.

- For an anxious or nervous dog, chewing provides relief and comfort. Chewing for a dog is just like comfort food for a human.

- Chewing expends nervous energy or relieves boredom for a dog. Dogs need something to do, and if you are not exercising your dog enough, chewing is a great release for them.

Rest assured, if you have a dog that likes to chew and is into destructive chewing, it is for one of these reasons. Your dog is NOT chewing just to make you mad, to see your reaction, or to get back at you when you leave them alone. Really.

Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to stop destructive chewing. Here are the top six steps to stop a dog from chewing:

1. Dog proof your home. The best rule is this: If it's on the floor it belongs to the dog, anything else belongs to you. It is fairly simple to teach your dog this rule. Remember though, that food doesn't work in this equation. Dogs are opportunistic and will grab any food they can get, if they think they can get away with it.
Items that are still within a dog's reach might be sacrificed until your dog learns the boundaries, so if you are not going to use the "on the floor is your rule", you need to put anything away you don't want chewed up.

2. Don't set up your dog for failure by blurring the boundaries between her stuff and your stuff. Don't give her one of your old shoes, and then expect her to no the difference between the shoes she can chew and the shoes she can't chew.

3. Don't let your dog feel the joy of illegal chewing in the first place. Keep your dog confined in a dog proofed area until you have taught him the difference between your stuff and his stuff.

4. Spend a lot of time in active supervision of your dog, and make sure she gets plenty of exercise. Remember, this isn't a goldfish you own, and your dog requires companionship.

5. Provide your dog with lots of tasty alternatives to chew on. Toys and treats work really well. Most dogs do have the desire to chew, and if you own a puppy, the need is even more pronounced.

6. When you do catch your dog chewing on something they aren't supposed to, interrupt the behavior by making a loud noise, like clapping your hands , or yell out "Oi" or “Ah-ah-aaaah!”. Immediately provide your dog with one of his toys and praise him as soon as it is in his mouth.

The final word on how to stop your dog from chewing stuff up is to be realistic with your expectations. Your dog is going to mistakes, and needs time to learn the rules.

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